Different Kinds Of Funny Faces! Chins, Foreheads, And A Belly!

I can't believe the crazy inventive things people post on line! This first video is a couple of children having a great time making chin faces. If you are a little on the older side you might remember the kid's show from the 50's, 60's that had a chin guy on it. Was it Sandy Becker? If anyone knows or can find a link, please comment.

The best part of this first video is that the kids are having so much fun, and that is the point of making funny faces. To laugh!!

I also LOVE the french chin! But I have to admit, the forehead and the belly are a little scary to me.

That belly!
Little by little, as I add to this website, I am hoping to get some of your input, video, and photos as well. Send them to canyoumakeafunnyface@gmail.com, or leave me a comment. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I think the old old Sandy becker show used to have a chin guy. Can you comment?

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